Merlino has been working with CasCIOPPO for many years and has a long standing relationship. We stock most all of their products and have access to their entire product line. Below is their story.

Owned and operated in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, Cascioppo’s began as a small butcher shop back in 1973. It was opened by the legendary Sam V. Cascioppo during the economic slump of the early 70’s in the back of a small Ballard Grocery Store called Ballard Locks Super. In the years prior, Sam had a number of butcher shops located throughout the greater Seattle neighborhood.

Sam inspired many wonderful products sold in the shop made with fresh herbs and spices. Cascioppo’s has since made its way into local landmark businesses in the Italian Community and restaurants of Seattle.

Cascioppo has now expanded its fresh and famous Italian sausages along with other varieties into local meat markets to be enjoyed in your own kitchen.