Merlino stocks a large array of olives, many kinds for many different uses. If you need any more info about what we stock, you can call the office 206-723-4700.



Black Olives

Dequmana S/O Empeltre Olives EMPELTRE Dequmana 4/1 GAL

Fantis Greek Black Olives BLACK30 Fantis 1/13 KG

Fantis Oil Cured Olives (Pitted) OILCUREPIT Fantis 4/11 LB

French Nicoise (Coquillo) Olives (Pitted) NICOISEPIT Packer 3/4.41 LB

Frutto D’Italia Black Cerignola Olives (Italy) CERIGNOLABLACK Frutto D’ 2/2.5 KG

Lindsay Jumbo/ Extra Large Olives (Pitted) JUMBOPIT Lindsay 6/10 CN

Lindsay Medium Olives (Pitted) MEDPIT Lindsay 6/10 CN

Lindsay Olive Wedges OLIVEWEDGE Lindsay 6/10 CN

Lindsay Olives Sliced Non-Ferrous (Clean) OLIVESLICECLEAN Lindsay 6/10 CN

Packer French Nicoise Olives Black (With Pit) NICOISE6 Packer 3/2.7 KG

Sanniti Pitted Gaeta Olives (Small Black) Fresh GAETAPIT Sanniti 2/10 LB

Sanniti Pitted Taggiasca Olive In Oil Fresh Pack(Lugurian) TAGGIASCAPITF Sanniti 2/14.9 LB

Sanniti Taggiasca Olives With Pit (Ligurian) Refrigerated TAGGIASCAF Sanniti 2/10 LB

Westcoast Oil Cured Black Olives OILCUREBLK Packer 1/32 LB



Divina L/S Dried Calamata Olives Sliced CALAMATADRY Divina 4/500 GR

Fantis Calamata Olives (Jumbo) (Pitted) CALPIT24 Mani 1/22 LB

Fantis Calamata Olives 10 LB (Pitted) CALPIT Mani 1/10 LB

Fantis Sliced Calamata Olives (Pitted) CALSLICED Fantis 1/20 LB

Packer Calamata Olives (Colossal) (With Pit) CALBIG Colossal 1/12 KG



Dequmana Arbequina Olives (Green And Small) ARBOLIVE Dequmana 4/1 GAL

Dequmana S/O Gordal Olives Spain Green GORDAL Dequmana 4/1 GAL

Divina Picholine (Pitted) Green Olives PICHOLINEPIT Divina 2/4.41 LB

Fantis Mild Green Olive (Pitted) GREENPITTED Fantis 2/10 LB

Frutto D’Italia Green Cerignola Olives (Italy) CEROLIVECAN Frutto D’ 2/6.6 LB

Greek Green Cracked Olives GREEN30 Greek 1/12 KG

H&J Picholine Green Olives (Small Green) PICHOLINE H&J 2/2.5 KG

Lindsay Jumbo Green Olives (Pitted) (Sicilian Style) DELIOLIVEBLK Lindsay 1/21 LB

Lindsay Sliced Green Olives SLCDGREENOLIVE Lindsay 4/1 GAL

Packer S/O Lucques Olives In Oil (France) LUCQUESFRENCH Packer 1/4.85 LB

Sanniti Fresh Castelvetrano Olives (Refrigerated) CASTELF Sanniti 2/10 LB

Sanniti Green Cerignola Fresh Pack 9/12 CT CERIGNOLAF Sanniti 2/10 LB

Sanniti Pitted Fresh Castelvetrano Olives (Refrigerated) CASTELPITF Sanniti 2/10 LB

Seville Queens 100-110 Ct Green Olives Unstuffed DELIOLIVE41 Seville 4/1 GAL


Mixed Olives

Dequmana Mixed Olives With Herbs OLIVEMIXDEQ Dequmana 4/1 GAL

Divina Chopped Greek Olive Mix OLIVEMIXCHOPPED Divina 2/5 LB

Frutto D’Italia Country Olive Mix (Pitted) OLIVEMIXPURP Frutto D’ 2/5 LB

Frutto D’Italia Red Cerignola Olives (Italy) CERIGNOLARED Frutto D’ 2/2.5 KG

Mediterranean Olive Mix (With Pit) OLIVEMIX Medi 1/14.5 LB

Merlino Olive Mix Picholine,Oilcure,Black,Green (Not Pitted) MIXOLIVE Merlino 1/5 LB



Bar Olives

Mt Athos Almond Stuffed Green Olives ALMONDOLIVE5LB Armstrong 2/5 LB

Divina Jalapeno Stuffed Olives JALAPENOOLIVE5 Divina 2/5 LB

Divina Stuffed Green Olives Stuffed With Blue Cheese STFGREENBLUE Divina 2/5.5 LB

Lindsay Stuffed Green Olives (150 Count) STFGREEN150 Lindsay 4/1 GAL

Lindsay Stuffed Green Olives (70-80 Count) Glass Jar STFGREEN80PRIMO Giuliano 4/1 GAL

Mc Sweet Pickled Onion (Cocktail Onion) MCONION Mc Sweet 12/16 OZ