We have more than five brands of chocolate and many different styles and percentages. Chocolate is one of our biggest mysteries.. 64%? 70%? Bitter? Semi Sweet? “Let me look that up” or “can I call you back after I figure it out” 😉

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Cacao Barry Extra Bitter Guayaquil Pistole 64% CACAOPISTOLE Cacao Barr 1/11 LB

Callebaut Bittersweet L6040NV 60.3% CALBITTER Callebaut 5/11 LB

Callebaut Bittersweet Pistole (Callet) 60.30% CALBITTERPPIST Callebaut 2/22 LB

Cordillera L/S Bittersweet Coins 65% CHOCBITTERCORD Cordillera 4/11 LB

Guittard Bittersweet BITTERSWEET Guittard 5/10 LB

Ibarra Mexican Chocolate MEXCHOCOLATE Ibarra 12/18.6 OZ

Kakao Berlin Brandenburg Bittersweet 75% CHOCBITBERLIN Kakao Berl 1/11 LB

KaKao Berlin Dark Choc Chips68% Coconut Blossom Sugar CHOCDARKURBER Kakao Berl 1/33 LB

Scharfenberger Bittersweet (Small Bars) 70% CHOCBTSCHARF Scharfenbe 1/33 LB

Tcho Dark Bitter Bulk Drops 11192 68% CHOC68TCHO TCHO 1/11.3 KG

Tcho Dark(11190) Bitter Bulk Drops 60.5% CHOCBITTERTCHO TCHO 1/11.3KG

Theo’s L/S Culinary 70% Chocolate CHOCBITTERTHEO70 Theo’s 1/10 LB

Valrhona Bittersweet Guanaja 70% VALBITTER Valrhona 1/3 KG

Valrhona Bittersweet Guanaja Chips 70% VALBITTERCHIP Valrhona 3/3 KG

Valrhona Manjari Bittersweet Chips 64% VALMANJARI Valrhona 3/3 KG

Valrhona Nyangbo Feves 68% VALNYANGBO Valrhona 3/3 KG

Chocolate Bittersweet




Gastro Rondo Dark Couverture GASTRORONDO SBR 2/6 KG

Semper Dark Coating Chocolate SEMPERDARK Semper 6/11 LB

Semper White Coating Chocolate SEMPERWHITE Semper 6/11 LB


Cocoa Powder

Cacao Barry Brute Cocoa Powder CBCACAOPOWDER Cacao Barr 6/1 KG

Guittard Dutch Cocoa Powder 24% OLDDUTCH Guittard 1/40 LB

Hershey Special Dark Cocoa Powder HERSHEYPOWDRK Hershey 12/8 OZ

Valrhona Cocoa Powder VALCOCOA Valrhona 3/1 KG



Cacao Barry Chocolate Coffee Bean CHOCBEAN Cacao Barr 1/1 KG

Packer Dark Chocolate Cigarettes CIGDARK Packer 1/110 CT

Packer White Chocolate Cigarettes CIGWHITE Packer 1/110 CT

Pastry 1 White And Dark Chocolate Striped 4 Inch Tubes CIGDUO100CT Pastry 1 12/100 CT

Snobinette Mini Chocolate Dessert Cups 1 Inch SMCHOCCUP Dynamic 1/72 CT

Valrhona Cocoa Nibs (Smaller Than Theo’s) CHOCNIBVAL Valrhona 10/1 KG

Valrhona Perles Craquantes (Choc Covered Crunchies) VALPERLES Valrhona 3/3 KG



Cacao Barry Milk Chocolate Pistoles 38.2% CBMILKPIST Cacao Barr 1/11 LB

Callebaut Gianduja GIA-145 (With Hazelnuts) GIANDUJA Callebaut 1/11 LB

Callebaut Milk Chocolate 823 CALMILK Callebaut 5/11 LB

Guittard Milk Chocolate Chip 1000 Ct CHOCCHIPMILK Guittard 1/25 LB

Guittard Milk Chocolate Chunks CHOCCHUNKMILK Guittard 1/50 LB

Tcho Classic Milk Chocolate 11322 39% CHOCMILKTCHO TCHO 1/25 LB

Valrhona Caramelia With Caramel 38% VALCARAMELIA Valrhona 3/3 KG

Valrhona Jivara Lactee Chips 40% VALJIVARA3 Valrhona 3/3 KG



Bakers Semi-Sweet Chocolate BAKERSS Bakers 12/4 OZ

Cacao Barry L/S Mini Chocolate Chips 4000 Ct CHOCCHIPMINICB Cacao Barr 1/30 LB

Callebaut Semi Sweet Chocolate (D811) 52% CALSS Callebaut 5/11 LB

Guittard French Vanilla Chocolate Semi Sweet FVCHOCOLATE Guittard 5/10 LB

Guittard Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chip 1000ct GUITTCHOCCHIP Guittard 1/25 LB

Guittard Semi-Sweet Mini Chocolate Chips 4000 Count GUITTMINICHIP Guittard 1/25 LB

Van Leer Semi Sweet Pastilles (D811) 52% CALSSPISTOL Van Leer 1/30 LB



Bakers Unsweet Chocolate BAKERCHOC Bakers 12/4 OZ

Guittard Oban Unsweet Chocolate Wafer GUITTUNSWEET Guittard 1/25 LB



Cacao Barry White Chocolate Pistole WHITEPISTOLE Cacao Barr 1/11 LB

Callebaut White Chocolate CALWHITE Callebaut 5/11 LB

Guittard High Sierra White Chocolate Block HIGHSIERRA Guittard 5/10 LB

Guittard White Chocolate Chips WHITECHOCCHIP Guittard 1/25 LB

Guittard White Satin Chocolate Ribbons GUITTWHITE Guittard 1/50 LB

Kakao Berlin White Chocolate Buttons (Bavarian) TR-2979 CHOCWHITEBERLINBUTKakao Berl 1/11 LB

Valrhona Dulcey 32% Blonde Chocolate Feves VALDULCEY Valrhona 3/3 KG

Valrhona Ivorie White Chocolate Feves 35% VALIVORYCHIP Valrhona 3/3KG