This report represents information for the week ending May 25, 2018.

Market is mixed. Total beef production for last week was up 12.5% versus the prior week which was shortened due to the holiday but was down 1% versus same time last year. Total beef production year to date is up 2.6% versus year to date 2017. Total headcount for last week was 643,000 which was even with same time last year.  Year to date total headcount is 30,024,000 as compared to 29,324,000 for year to date 2017. Live weights for last week were up 2 lbs. from prior week but down 13 lbs. from same time last year. Overall demand has only been fair coming into this week with buying interest varied across the country. Buying demand for holiday items typically starts to shift as we move into December. Production is going to be impacted over the coming weeks as holiday schedules impact production as we wind down the year.

Grinds- Market is unsettled. Pricing has been mixed coming into this week based on available inventories between suppliers. Availability is expected to be impacted as we move into the new year and reduced production schedules help to tighten availability.

Loins- Market is mostly steady.

Rounds- Market is mostly steady.

Chucks- Market is mostly steady.

Ribs- Market is unsettled. Demand typically shifts over the coming days causing large swings in the market as buyers finalize their needs for the holiday season.

Market is mixed. Total pork production for last week was up 13.1% compared to the prior week which was shortened due to the holiday but was down 1% compared to same time last year. Total pork production year to date is up 2.7% versus year to date 2017. Total headcount for last week was 2,548,000 as compared to 2,547,000 for the same time last year. Year to date total headcount is 113,516,000 as compared to 110,811,000 for year to date 2017. Live weights for last week were even with prior week but down 3 lbs. from same time last year. Strong winter storms have hampered production as we moved into this week and more bad weather is expected as we move thru the weekend. Demand for the holidays has been improved as we moved into this week and putting additional pressure on the holiday items.

Bellies- Market is steady to firmer. Buying interest has been improved this week after the market has seen several weeks of declining pricing.

Hams- Market is unsettled. Buying demand has been good this week helping to put pressure on the market. Demand for the holiday is expected to ease over the coming days.

Loins- Market is steady to slightly firmer. Retail advertising has been improved and helping to move additional inventories.

Butts- Market is mostly steady.

Ribs- Market is mostly steady.

Market is steady. Total headcount for last week was 165,509,000 as compared to 167,925,000 for the same time last year. Average weights for last week were 6.30 lbs. as compared to 6.21 lbs. for the same week last year. Demand is mixed depending on the category and line of business. Supply across the industry is adequate cover white meat and dark meat needs. Export demand is showing some renewed interest. Market levels for the week are mostly static.

WOGS- Market is steady. Demand continues to be steady as retail deli keeps this category moving at an active rate. While supply had been extremely tight in recent weeks, this trend is starting to change a bit and product is becoming more available.

Tenders- Market is steady. Demand is being reported as improving and active. Supply is available to cover the demand needs.

Boneless Breast- Market is mixed. Demand for select boneless is trending weaker. Demand for jumbo boneless is starting to see some improvement. Supply continues to be readily available in all sizes.

Leg Quarters and Thighs- Market is steady. Domestic demand for leg quarters continues to be steady and supported by retail activity. Export demand is being reported as trending stronger with some renewed interest. Supply continues to be available.

Wings- Market is mixed. Demand for small and medium wings is being reported as steady. Demand for jumbo wings is be reported as mixed and trending a little weaker. Wing supply is available to cover demand.

Market is steady. Total headcount for last week was 4,061,000 as compared to 4,005,000 for the same week last year. Average weights for last week were 32.12 lbs. as compared to 32.20 lbs. for the same week last year. Egg sets for last week were down 16.56% from prior week and are trending down 1.98% for year to date versus same time last year. Demand continues to be rated as steady and being supported by promotional activity for the upcoming Christmas Holiday.

Whole Birds- Market is mixed. Demand for whole birds continues to be active since the Christmas Holiday will provide support to the market. Supply on large birds is becoming more available and easier to source. Supply on smaller birds and hens is still limited.

Breast Meat- Market is steady. Demand is reported as steady as further processors continue to support the market. Supply remains steady and available.

Wings- Market is steady. Domestic and export demand remain steady but trending a bit weaker. Supply is becoming more available and slightly easier to source.

Drums- Market is steady. Demand from both the domestic and export channels remains consistent and steady. Supply has become a little more available, but inventories remain somewhat tight.

Gulf Shrimp- Market is steady to firmer. Production is in a seasonally slow time and putting additional pressure on already light inventories. The most pressure at this time is on White Shrimp inventories which are limited and continuing to see additional upward pressure on the market.

Black Tiger- Market is mixed. Availability on larger sized shrimp is very limited and this continues to put pressure on the market. Smaller sized product is in better supply and continues to see pressure from the lower priced white shrimp market.

White Shrimp- Market is unsettled. Demand has improved over prior weeks, but current inventories remain good and have continued to see some downward pressure as suppliers look to move inventories. Replacement inventories overseas have been higher priced than current market and helping to keep the market in a more unsettled tone.

King Crab- Market is firm. Global demand is very good with demand from Asia being very active.

Snow Crab- Market is steady to firmer. Lighter inventories and good demand are keeping pressure on the market. Coming into this week larger sized crab are seeing the most buying interest and this has put additional pressure on that market.

Warm Water Lobster Tails- Market is firm. Holiday demand has been strong. This is putting additional pressure on already limited inventories and helping to push the market even higher.

North American Lobster Tails- Market is firm. Demand has been very good and keeping pressure on limited inventories. Additional fisheries have opened over the past few days, but the already light inventories will take some time to rebuild.

Salmon- Market is weaker. Inventories are good for a fair to dull demand.

Cod- Market is Firm. Reduced quotas and strong demand is keeping pressure on the market.

Flounder- Market is firm. Light inventories and good demand continue to keep pressure on this market. Larger sizes remain in tight supply.

Haddock- Market is firm. Reduced quotas and strong global demand are keeping pressure on this market. The tariffs that went in place earlier in the year helped to push prices higher as we moved into 4th quarter.

Pollock- Market is steady to firmer. Demand has been very good as buyers look to cover their needs as other species continue to rise in price.  Reduced quotas are putting additional pressure on the market.

Domestic Catfish- Market is mostly steady.

Tilapia- Market is steady to firmer. Buying demand has been strong over the past several weeks and helping to move additional inventories.

Swai- Market is unsettled. Current inventory levels remain in lighter supply due to the earlier light amount of imports reaching the US market. Imports have been slowly improving but inventories have not fully recovered but this is expected to improve over the coming weeks.

Scallops- Market is steady to firmer. Light inventories on larger sized domestic product are keeping upward pressure on that market. The market for product of Japan are seeing upward pressure due to light landings on their larger sized items. The rest of the market is holding mostly steady this week.

Market is weaker. The CME Block and Barrel markets moved slightly lower this week. Milk is readily available across the country. In the Midwest shreds are in high demand while barrel demand is lighter. Orders are average for seasonal expectations. In the East producers report higher foodservice demand for both mozzarella and provolone cheese. Inventories are reported as steady. In the West retail sales are stronger. Inventories are abundant. Export interest from Mexico is higher due to U.S. prices are more favorable than the EU. The USDA Cold Storage report for October 2018 shows total natural cheese stocks were up 8 percent from 2017.

Market is unsettled. The CME Butter market moved both higher and lower this week. Nationally cream supply for churning is available. Butter production has been active. With the approaching end of the holiday baking season some producers are slowing production schedules. Retail orders for prints are strong. Inventories are steady for the season. In the Northeast producers are gearing heavier production to print orders due to increase cream supply. Central region producers report balanced inventories. Western butter producers report strong retail and print orders. Inventories are reported as lower for the season. The USDA Cold Storage report for October 2018 shows butter stocks were up 6 percent from a year ago.

Market is steady trending weaker. Retail demand is mixed depending on the region of the country. Promotional activity is being reported as average to fair. Foodservice and institutional demand continues to be consistent and steady. Supply is being reported as available in almost all sizes. Market is seeing some downward pressure. National weekly shell egg inventory reports shell egg inventory to be up 4.4% over last week.

Market is firm after early reports of possible negotiations with China on tariffs and a reduced crush to start December.

Market is slightly firmer, based on news regarding the G20 Summit and the possible truce between China and the US. Another big wheat exporter, Australia, is forecasting a 10% smaller crop than previous year also adding to a firmer wheat market. As news strongly affect markets, the tension between Russia and the Ukraine, (both huge wheat exporters as well), is adding to market uneasiness.